The Faith of Birds

(A few of you will have read this, which I have changed a little, but I’d like to put it in here anyway.)


Faith is a bird that, feeling the dawn coming, sings while it is yet dark.  – An old Scandinavian proverb.

My friends, who were away, had invited me to stay in their beautiful house in a fairy-tale setting beside a rainforest. Large windows looked out at lush green trees, orange flowers and trailing vines. Birds chirped and sang.

As I prepared my room for the night, I looked out at the wall of green towering above me, about ten metres away. Every shade of green and brown jostled together. Darkness fell quickly as the sun dipped behind the forest and, after a simple snack, I climbed into a big bed piled high with doonas.

Several things had been weighing on my mind but as I lay in that ‘magic’ atmosphere, I felt assured everything would turn out for the best.

I woke at about four in the morning. In the pitch darkness, I crept down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, then groped my way back to my room. I settled into bed in the cool blackness, intending to sleep longer.

As I closed my eyes, a tentative twitter, then a louder chirp, broke the silence. The birds were waking! The sharp, moist sweetness of a whipbird’s call rent the stillness. It must be nearly dawn, although there was no light visible.

This was too good to miss! I went down to the kitchen again, made a cup of tea and began my morning ‘quiet time’ – a time when I hoped to commune with God. As I sat, I listened to one bird after another waking and calling to its mates.

Chirps, whistles, a burst of melodic song, even a call like a cat’s meow, filled the pre-dawn world. Gradually the darkness melted to grey and the shape of the forest towered above me, still dark and shadowy but filled with birds’ songs. Early light crept around the tree tops and watery sunlight slanted across the lawn.


Photo by Unsplash

Even before they glimpsed the light, the birds sang to greet the dawn. They knew the light was coming.

A lesson for me, I thought. To know God’s light will soon break through this long season of darkness and silence.

The birds chorused joyfully. It was a new day, alive with sunshine and birdsong. And hope.


*                                              *                                       *

Initially I wrote this article, which I have changed a bit, for my first blog, Jeanette’s Journallings ( It has also been published in Glimpses of Light anthology –



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