Pecan Pie

While my sister Arlene and her husband Michael were working as missionaries in Tufabi, a seaside native village in equatorial New Ireland, once a fortnight they drove sixty miles to Kavieng to buy groceries and other essentials.


The grocery trolley was almost full. Michael spotted a delicious-looking frozen pecan pie. He knew they were on a tight budget but . . .

“Couldn’t we, just for once?” he asked Arlene. He held up the pie longingly. It looked crisp but moist, with yummy nuts, icing and custard.

“No, sorry Darl, we’ve used up our grocery money. We get plenty of lovely fruit and I can make custards and things.”

“Okay.” Michael gave a disappointed shrug. Life as a missionary was not always fun. He’d expected that.

tufabi house & driveway


They loaded the groceries into the truck and drove down the narrow winding road between towering green walls of jungle, to their waterfront home.

Soon they were relaxing over a cup of tea. They were tired after their journey and the various ports of call in town.


The next day was Tuesday, the day Peter and I (Jeanette) came to catch up on news, to discuss our journeys as young Christians, and to pray for one another. It was always a great time of fellowship for us all and we looked forward to it. For Arlene and Michael, it was a break from being isolated from other Australian or European expatriates.

Peter’s car purred along the driveway and up beside the house. I scrambled out and Peter gathered a few parcels and followed.

He held out the first package. Arlene looked in disbelief.  A pecan pie! Exactly the same as the one in the grocery store.

“I was just leaving the house,” Peter said, “when I felt God told me to take the pecan pie from my freezer for you.”

It came complete with custard so Arlene didn’t have to cook dessert at all.  We all had a helping and there was enough for my sister and her husband to have the following night.

Michael’s grin said it all.


Sorry about the old photos again – taken in 1973

Peter and I were both teachers at Madina High School which is the setting for much of my novel Lantern Light, under the pseudonym Barrington Place. No, Peter is not the inspiration for Dave or Craig!  Lantern Light is available from Koorong Bookstore or directly from me.                                 



8 thoughts on “Pecan Pie

  1. Our God is gracious not just in the big things but the little things as well. I especially enjoyed this post as I’m in the middle of being immersed in Barrington Place atm. Enjoying the read. Thanks.

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